What Does a Good Blog Post Look Like?-Heidi Caswell

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Does your blog post provide a good landscape picture?
Does your blog post provide a good landscape picture?

Many new bloggers often wonder “what makes a good blog post?” I have my personal views on the matter. So, I decided to share my observations of posts by professional and non- professional bloggers, in a new series.

I personally think that a good blog post is a lot like a landscape picture. It should have views of the sky, ground, mood, and activity in the picture and perspective that goes beyond the picture. Now that activity can be people, animals or things.

Yet, if you observe some good posts please share them so all of us can continue to be in an active learning mode. After all, isn’t that what baby boomers do so well?

To start the series I want to share a recent post by Heidi Caswell, one of my baby boomer blogging buddies. The post is called,  Blog Hopping for Jewels

Why I like this post

  • She used a great picture with a caption
  • She had a powerful use of metaphor which she carried throughout the entire post
  • She used text to link her url’s
  • She opened her links in new windows
  • The post made sense
  • She asked us to comment by sharing more posts
  • She shows activity providing excerpts  or personal views of the blogs (Jewels)

Did I leave anything out?

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