Google Adsense Impressions and Blogging Boomer Success

Hi, this is Blogging Betty Boomer with a Friendly Friday Reflection.

Most of you are probably thinking that I am talking about Google Adsense and you are right, partially. You see in Google Adsense you may see a lot of impressions but it does not count until you get a CLICK that’s when you see the money.
But the same applies to blogging. When we strive to IMPRESS folks with our blogs it may be a waste of time and energy. Who really cares? But when we can CLICK an CONNECT with a reader then it makes sense.

Many of us bloggers blog for money, fame, expertise position, to strut our stuff or something to to do instead of thinking about major issues in our lives. But when we blog are we REALLY trying to just impress readers with our real time themes, rhetoric or rants? Do we realize that what we write will still stay on the internet after we change our minds?

Boomers we just have to make a difference. The boomers today must look behind. We must leave legacies and living proof that we have made more than just an IMPRESSION

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