What Does Smokey Robinson Have To Do With Boomer Blogging?

Smokey Robinson is a powerful baby boomer. I watched a tribute to him tonight. When he sang the next to last song it was amazing to watch the faces in the audiences. The the maze of boomers sang that song right along with him. They knew every word.

Smokey could have messed up but I don’t if anyone would have noticed. Some just closed their eyes and I am sure they reflected back to those special days they enjoyed his music. The last song he sang had folks dancing and doing the “Monkey”. Boy do I remember that dance. As I watched them I aches and pains seemed to go away and I felt super youthful! It reminded me of the time that I had a broken leg and dropped my crutch while I held on to a pole and tried to dance to “Get on the Good Foot” by James Brown.

The other thing I observed is that Smokey, not only did not miss a beat , but he was in prime form hitting notes that you would not believe. The entire time a message of support was extended to the United Negro College Fund. What a great example of ART MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Blogging as a baby boomer is much like his performance. When you know your stuff age does not get in the way. There is a youthful zeal that motivates you to share your insights, expertise and wisdom with more potency through this wonderful technology of blogging.

Blogging will help you remember what you thought you forgot and make others smile, laugh,weep and feel things through your art, skills, teaching, inspiration and all that you bring in the messages you share.

Plus you can still make a difference, exercise purpose and motivate someone to reach their potential

Keep blogging my baby boomer buddies. Do not neglect your God given gifts to bring so much to this world. Blogging is a way to keep it going, and going and going.

1 thought on “What Does Smokey Robinson Have To Do With Boomer Blogging?

  1. Loved this perspective point on blogging, and I love Smokey! In Australia, his songs have been re-born with much love thanks to our band, Human Nature…Smokey stepped on stage to sing one of his numbers with the band and it was like being in Motown heaven!

    Thanks for the blogging encouragement!
    Debbie Stevens

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