What in the Heck is a Gravatar? How Do You Get One?

What is a Gravatar?How do you get one? Well this really good video will answer your question. After you finish you won’t want to leave home without it!

Go right over to Gravatar and get started.

7 thoughts on “What in the Heck is a Gravatar? How Do You Get One?

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  2. As always, Rosie, you bring us the most useful and helpful information! I hadn’t understood what an avatar was until I was speaking with a “Geek” who told me about them and helped me set mine up. What a difference!
    When someone leaves a comment on my blog, a photo next to the words makes them all the more powerful. I hope everyone will take the couple of minutes to view this video and set up an account. They won’t regret it and will be so grateful to the “blogging for boomers” expert who told them all about it!

  3. I’m a big fan of Gravatar. It’s so nice to have one central location where I can go and update my choice of avatars. More and more sites are using Gravatar which means I can post and know my choice of pictures will automatically show up, just like magic! 🙂

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