What is a Blawg?

This is a legal blog. In other words it is blog that has a focus only on the law and legal issues. I did a google search and the first one that comes up is a site called blawg.com. This is a password protected site.

As of today the stats on the front page show that there were 811 posts and 1,143 active blogs. So if you have a blawg or planning a blog that deals with law or legal issues this would be a good place to submit your blawg free. Plus it is a community of other where you can get a wealth of information and contacts.

BLAWGCAST site like, http://blawgsfm.justia.com is a list of podcasts, as well as information and news for legal podcasters. Hence they are called  blawgcasters.

So baby boomers keep that legal information flowing and if you have not gotten around to blogging for your practice, school, clients, etc time to get started.


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