What is a Photoblog? Pt. 1

Photoblogging means to post a digital photo on a blog. Many photobloggers post only photos without text. While others may post text and photos. Often photo albums may be attached to the photoblogs.

Some interesting resources I found include:

Photo Blog Magazine. There are, of course many, many more. I may post about them later.
It can be a lot of fun and I invite you to visit some of the ones I have listed below. There are a lot out there so if you know of some please let us know.


2 thoughts on “What is a Photoblog? Pt. 1

  1. I think maybe all of my blogs are photoblogs – except I post my art instead of a photo, lol. I usually try to add a piece of my art that is related to the post, but sometimes the post will inspire the art like my latest post on the birthday of the Barbie Doll!

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