11 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog?

  1. Hi Rosie,

    I blog because I want to create a connection with my clients, colleagues, and customers that goes above and beyond what I say in my marketing materials.

    Because I teach, speak professionally, and recommend products and services to my customers, blogging allows me to share my personal experiences with the tools and techniques I use every day. I like the person-to-person communication that blogging makes possible.

  2. I started my blog a year ago to complement and gain audience for my upcoming boomer memoir, Hot Flashbacks/Cool Insights. My blog aims to provide inspiration, laughs, and lowdown for a cool later living. Clearly, boomers are on a mission to reinvent aging. I wanted to create a community where we can do it together. The key word in my blog’s title is “insight.” Understanding life’s deeper meanings and metaphors is my strong suit and one of the keys to fulfillment. This I wish on everyone, especially the longer we live. Also, I always wanted to write a weekly inspirational column in a newspaper or magazine, which I now am doing in a more modern and accessible way on the web. I have written inspiration material for years, primarily in the language of astrology. I felt guided some years ago to bring similar material to more general audiences.

  3. I blog to try to improve the general level of writing skill in the world, particularly with regards to speculative fiction. My blog is about the synergy between writing and role-playing games; it was set off by my discovery that my own gaming had done amazing things for my ability to follow ‘show don’t tell’ and my ability to handle characters that thought for themselves. So I started writing. And somewhere in there, I added my one-woman crusade against the lack of respect for speculative fiction in today’s culture.


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  5. I blog for a couple of reasons. First of all I had my website turned into a blog. Updating the blog weekly helps me in the search engine rankings. This brings my cookbooks in front of more people.

    It also establishes me as an expert in my field. It lets me interact with my blog visitors, creating creditability.

    It is also fun!


    Betty Lynch

  6. My newspaper editor told me that I needed to start a blog, so that my readers could keep up with me on a daily basis. I blog religiously now, and it is an addiction. I write because I love it, and the blogs are a forum for me to express my outlook on life, health and wellness tips, and increase awareness of my wedding and event design business.


  7. Blogging is the best way I know to share information with others who need it in a timely manner. I blog to help others who need help with interviewing skills, learning how to network, teaching what you need to include on your resume to obtain interviews and why. I have started to use the blogging platform as the foundation of my websites. Because the information on the blog is constantly changing it is better than the static web site in getting your information higher up in the search engines.






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